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Director of Policy & Industry Relations for @FSCArmy | @WhoreCast creator | author: http://amzn.to/2cdR1eW Personal Site:  The Whorecast
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It’s The SUZYs!
119 :1  mins
Added 01/11/2017
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by Dr. Susan Block. Still *in recovery* from our scintillating New Year’s Eve bacchanal, we gather together in the Womb Room on our first broadcast of 2017, reflecting upon our 44 great shows of 2016, as we ceremoniously bestow The SUZY Awards for the fifth consecutive year. Honoring excellence in broadcast artistry and exhibitionism, the DrSusanBlock.Tv Awards, a.k.a., “The SUZYS,” recognize erotic performance, sexual intelligence and Weapons of Mass Seduction, celebrating The Bonobo Way of ‘peace through pleasure’ in all kinds of weather and paying tribute, with love, humor and deep respect, to those who work and play in the fields of peace and sexuality.

Featuring: Agwa de Bolivia Coca Leaf Liqueur , Alana Cruise (aka Savannah Fyre) , Amor Hilton , Barry Fisher , Baylie Kruz , Canabelly , Cannabelly , Carmina Formosa aka [ai] , Catherine Imperio , Chef BeLive , Cortney Palm , Cricket Rose , Daniele Watts , Dirge Magazine , Donald Trump (Marcus Nehemiah) , Dr. Myrtle Means , Eva Cruz , FemDom 4 , Free Speech Coalition , Freudian Slit , Gas Mask Girl , GLYDE America Vegan Condoms , Goddess Fae Black , Goddess Phoenix , Greg Friedman , Hollywood Jake , Ikkor the Wolf , Imani Cupe , Jacqueline DuMonde , Jacquie Blu , Jah Rah Zen , Jay Toriko aka Chynna Doll , Jeffrey Vallance , Jux Leather , Jux Lii , Lady Miguire , Little Loni Legend , Loni Legend , Luzer Twersky , Madame Margherite , Mark Brown , Maya Kendrick , Michael Weinstein , Michael Wisnieux , Mistress Cyan , Mistress Porcelain Midnight , Mistress Tara Indiana , Moushumi Ghose , Paranormal Perversions , Raven Rae , Renee Asher Pickup , Rhiannon Aarons , Samantha Fairley , Scott Siedman , Sheree Rose , Smokey Binion Jr. , Sydney Jones , Tammie Parrott , Tara Indiana (Mistress) , The DTease , The Monkey , Unlicensed Professionals , Wilson Gil , Wry Mantione

#NoProp60 with Julia Ann, Siouxsie Q & the Free Speech Coalition
100 :13  mins
Added 09/21/2016
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by Dr. Susan Block There’s a big bully in town, and he’s picking on porn stars, but you could be next. Seriously, you could, and you will, unless you—that is, we—stop him. The bully is one Michael Weinstein, CEO of the LA-based AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), wannabe California Sex Czar, a Mafia boss for the New Age Nanny State. Herr Weinstein’s latest nonconsensual gambit into our bedrooms is the atrocious, expensive, misleading, nonsensical and downright tyrannical California Proposition 60, on the ballot November 8th. Pretending to “protect” adult performers by requiring that they wear condoms, Prop 60 actually would force them to either leave the state, go underground or don the equivalent of hazmat suits while having sex, even if they are a married, monogamous couple

Featuring: #NoProp60 , Captain Max , Carmen Foxx , Del Rey , Julia Ann , Little Loni Legend , Loni Legend