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24th Wedding Anniversary Bacchanal ♫
116 :56  mins
Added 04/27/2016
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By Dr. Susan Block Just the Tip (for now)… THANK YOU, Brothers and Sisters of Bonoboville, for giving Capt’n Max and me such a fantastic, orgiastic, bacchanalian and bonoboësque 24th wedding anniversary send-off from such a pleasure-packed, endorphin-high Womb Room! Thank you for wearing lavender (especially by accident) in observance of the 24th. Thank you for playing your mellifluous musical instruments, strumming our strings, tickling our keys and dancing through our garden naked and free.

Featuring: Amor Hilton , Daniele Watts , Dayton Rains , Del Rey , Ikkor , Jessica Shores , Me$$ed Up , Nori Carter , Ono Bonobo , Riley Reyes , Ron Jeremy , Selina Minx , Unlicensed Professionals

Paris, Yale & the Bonobo Way + the G-Spot of Peace through Pleasure
105 :59  mins
Added 11/27/2015
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By Dr. Susan Block Hosting a live pro-sex variety show less than 24 hours after a horrific multiple mass murder in the City of Love is a little bizarre. But it’s a “healing” kind of bizarre, like pushing yourself to have sex when you’re under-the-weather, physically or emotionally. After you get into it, very often you feel better. And sometimes it even helps you to get better. This sexual healing part of what I call the Bonobo Way of peace through pleasure.

Featuring: Aaliyah Corsets , Biz Bonobo , Bonobo Rose , Chelsea Demoiselle , Dayton Rains , G Spot Brand , Ikkor

23rd Wedding Anniversary
86 :51  mins
Added 05/12/2015
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By Dr. Susan Block It’s our 23rd year of lawfully wedded love and lust, and Capt’n Max and I start the celebration early, just the two of us “partying like bonobos” in bed, climaxing in each other’s arms, the arms we’ve gotten to know so well but, happily, never tired of, lo these 23+ years. Wild and kinky as we are, we’re also very much married, sharing and being “witnesses” to each other’s lives, creating and constantly recreating the romance that just seems to deepen and grow between us as we age. But no couple is an island. Certainly, we aren’t! As much as we cherish our two-way intimacy, we need our Bonoboville community to keep us from going insane or letting our monogamy turn to monotony. One reason our “monogamish” (with a hat tip to Dan Savage and the forthcoming Tao Ruspoli film of that name) marriage seems to work is that we share our love, lust and romance with our Bonoboville of friends, lovers and interesting strangers.

Featuring: Anthony Winn , Catherine Imperio , Corpsy , Del Rey , Dr. Hernando Chaves , Fat Mike , Goddess Soma Snakeoil , Jack The Zipper , Jux Leather , Karen Summer , Kiki Daire , Lisa Ann Davis , Murrugun the Mystic , Samantha Fairley , Sienna Sinclaire , Unlicensed Professionals

Wedding Anniversary #22: Green Horse Party
27 :4  mins
Added 07/16/2014
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Seems like just 22 hours… but it was 22 years ago that I tied the marital knot with the love of my life, and Saturday night we commemorated that auspicious, legally binding (all that bondage language tells you something about marriage, doesn’t it?) human mating ritual with a rolling party at the Green Horse bar, a squirting-screaming orgy in the Bonoboville kitchen and another epic episode in the ongoing “show” that is our conjoined Saturday night lives...

Featuring: Ashley Manta , Charlotte Stokely , Chris Gore , Corpsy , Jin N Tonic , Jux Leather , Jux Lii , Selma Sins , Siren Selene , Tammie Parrott

Sex & God - Photos
233 photos
Added 12/16/2013
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What a sizzling hot show this is, not so much in an erotic as in an emotional way. The temperature rises in heated debate on the topic of Sex & God: How Religion Distorts Sexuality, featuring the best-selling author of the hot new book of that name, as well as a celebrity atheist, a lovely libertine, a Wiccan, a couple of somewhat incongruous Sex Workers for Jesus and one practically certifiable religious Christian maniac. The dialogues and stories are riveting and telling about the state of God and sex in our society. More about that under Featured Guests and Weapons of Mass Discussion. But thank Goddess, it’s not all talk (otherwise, I might have to host a regular talk show). We also partake in our traditional topless “Bonoboville Communion” (thanks Jello Shots LA) and the holy (or holey?) Pussy Pipe, and enjoy orgasmic Sybian rides in the after-party. What a way to kick off the Merry Masturbation Month of May: with Faith-Based Sex! Amen and Awomen. Please pass the Holy Water lube…

Featuring: Ashley Sabine , Dark Phoenix , Darrel Ray, Ed.D , John Barrymore , Livia Godiva , Lotus Lain , Malaika Millions , Nikki Nefarious , Renoni

Last Supper Seder at the Speakeasy
116 :36  mins
Added 10/02/2013
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This year, Passover not only coincides with Easter Eve, but overlaps another ritual—Saturday night’s live broadcast of The Dr. Susan Block Show….So, blending ancient traditions from different religions with a generous helping of Speakeasy-style Commedia Erotica and ethical hedonism, I host my own exotic, erotic, comic, agnostic interpretation of a Passover Easter Eve Last Supper Seder Bacchanal with porn stars, friends and lovers—and guess who is coming to dinner? Back from the undead, He rises….Zombie Jesus! Or is that Elijah? Max? Whoever’s Res-Erection this is, He’s not the only Jesus at the Seder; from Last Supper Jesus to Bunny Jesus to naked-and-bound-to-the-cross Jesus to Divine Interventions adorable Baby Butt Plug Jesus (who just sits quietly on the table throughout the Seder, but gets quite a bit of X action in the after-party), Christ is all around us.

Featuring: AfroDisiac , Amina Noir , Corpsy , Missy Martinez , Natalie Foxxx , Veronica Ricci

188 photos
Added 10/22/2012
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Date: 08/17/2012

Vegas is packed with people who play it safe in life, then blow all their hard-earned cash into the mouths of machines that light up like a lover’s eyes, mid-climax. Then there’s the sound of Vegas: all that beeping and squealing, bizarrely resembling orgasm after mechanical orgasm. As long as you keep caressing those sensitive slots with money shots, it never stops.

Vegas-style gambling is a Weapon of Mass Seduction. Personally, I prefer to place my bets on my own relatively high-risk work and play: my amazing 20-year marriage that most folks said wouldn’t last, my unconventional sex therapy practice, my uncategorizable show and my belief in ethical hedonism and the Bonobo Way of peace through pleasure. The odds of winning the kind of “games” I like to play are riskier than black jack, and the path to victory is a minefield littered with losers, lovers, foes and friends who trip your every step. But the joy is in the playing—in doing it, as the great gambler Sinatra sang, “My Way.” And every so often, if you play long, hard and “my way” enough, with a little help from Lady Luck, you might win.

Featuring: Agwa de Bolivia Coca Leaf Liqueur , Daryl Wright , Dr. Ted McIlvenna , Erotic Heritage Museum , Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality (IASHS) , Jux Leather , Jux Lii , Leya Falcon , Lola Ya Bonobo , Snake Babe , Sybian , Tasia , Yara
Categories: Absinthe, Blowjob, strapon

God & Sex Week at Yale
96 :14  mins
Added 10/11/2012
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Length: 106:23 minutes Date: 09/15/2012 Most Yalies and well-read Republicans will know that the title of the first part of this show—“God and Sex Week at Yale”—riffs on famed, conservative, National Review founder William F. Buckley’s 1951 diatribe, “God and Man at Yale,” which is often said to have fired the first shot in the right-wing war on higher education in the arts and sciences. Basically, they don’t want you to study any other book than the Bible. That sounds like a bad joke, but did you know that in both the Republican and Democratic conventions this year, no other book but the Bible was quoted? No poetry, no prose, no rap, no Shakespeare, no Socrates, no Kahlil Gibran, no Benjamin Franklin. Just the Bible. The Bible’s a great book and all, but there are others, brothers and sisters! The reactionary right-wing war on liberal arts education reaches its apex when it comes to sex education, which happens to be very popular with students who would like to learn a thing or two about sex. Neocon religious crusaders are on the march at Yale and other campuses, trying to take students back to the sexual Dark Ages. As those of you who know me know, back in 2002, as an alumna, I helped Yale undergraduates start a special elective week of sex education called Sex Week at Yale (SWAY), where students of all kinds could—if they so chose—learn about sex, love and relationships from a wide range of experts, sexperts, professors, porn stars, scientists, sex toymakers, ministers, rabbis, revolutionaries, born-again virgins, and each other. It’s been great—spreading “Sex Week” to college campuses all around the country—and it’s gotten bigger every year at Yale. But then, in 2011 – 2012, partly because of its success and popularity, SWAY came under attack. I write about this in detail in my Open Letter to Yale President Richard Levin, citing some of the spurious reasons that the man I call President Dick—now on his way out of Yale—scapegoated and censored Sex Week—from a Title IX complaint over on-campus sexual harassment that had nothing to do with SWAY and everything to do with an entrenched, over-privileged fraternity system—to the controversial new Yale in Singapore project, to pressure from extreme, anti-sex, right-wing factions; in particular. one rather new, very conservative group which named itself “Better Yale” (a subjective title, if ever there was one) and then renamed itself “Undergraduates for a Better Yale College (UBYC)”. The letter generated a lot of responses on the blog, including a few from the co-founder of UBYC himself, Yale College senior, Eduardo Andino. Since, like Jesus, I believe in reaching out to those who try to attack me, whenever feasible, I suggested taking this debate to the air, invited Eduardo on the show, and he accepted. The show starts with Eduardo on the phone from Yale, attempting to explain and defend his extreme right-wing point of view and UYBC’s attacks on Sex Week at Yale. Of course, I counter his specious contentions and reactionary double-speak when necessary, but I also want to give him a chance to give his “side.” Let’s just say I give him more of chance to speak than Bill O’Reilly gave me. Then I open up the conversation to my in-studio guests, including several prominent “Goddesses,” performers and directors in the adult industry that UYBC so excoriates, as well as our very own Max and Tasia. So, the first 45 minutes is a passionate political discussion about sex education, censorship, religion, repression, rape, abortion, tolerance, empathy and love, and the last 45 provides a serving of sex education, Dr. Suzy style, with generous side orders of humor, spontaneity, eroticism and fun. Our very spiritual, sexual, libational “communion” ritual with the Agwa gods lubricates a quick and easy transition between the two sides of our brain. We also discuss the recent rioting in the Middle East by Muslims upset over ridiculous depictions of Mohammed in “Innocence of Muslims”—a so-called film that easily has the worst production values of any famous movie in history—made by an anti-Islamic Coptic Christian, financed in part by an American organization called “Media for Christ” and supported by notorious, Koran-burning Christian Pastor Terry Jones. What does “Innocence of Muslims” have to do with sex education on college campuses? Not much, and that’s the point. Anti-sex education crusaders like Eduardo, often say that sex is dangerous. It may be, though education tends to make sex less risky rather than more. And current events prove—pretty vividly—that religion is a lot more dangerous than sex. These folks have been rioting, setting fire to buildings and murdering innocent people—including one of America’s great, truly heroic ambassadors—not over sex, but in the righteous name of God.

Featuring: Agwa de Bolivia Coca Leaf Liqueur , Alex , Ash Hollywood , Benjamin Godfre , DJ Heavy Grinder , Eduardo Andino , Nicole Aniston , Pipedream Products , Tasia
Categories: Agwa Shots, Bubble-Blowing, Dildo Play, DJ's, Munkey Barz, Panties, Pornstars, Sex, Squirting, Sybian

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