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Sex in China, Love in LA
140 :35  mins
Added 02/08/2013
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Length: 1:47:06 Date: Jan. 26, 2013

Nee hao! From the ancient TAO to Chairman MAO to what’s happening NOW, this show explores the changing faces of sex in hitherto mysterious China. Though many of us in the West stereotype the Chinese as a robotic army of androgynous sexophobes, the facts are a lot more complex—and sexy! Bottom line: There are 1.5 billion people in the PRC (People’s Republic of China) and (like us) they are all Children of Sex, so some of them must be doing it.

But how do they do it? And how are they changing the ways that they do it, express it, enjoy it, buy it, sell it and talk about it? How is the current Chinese “sexual revolution” making sex in China like and not like sex beyond the Great Wall? From marriage to massage, rural villages to Shanghai, communist censors to capitalist prostitutes, ancient imperial bound foot fetishes to a proliferation of modern sex shops (more than 200,000 throughout China, many of which are euphemistically referred to as “beauty salons”), we investigate the fascinating phenomenon of sex in China, going Behind the Red Door with the distinguished author of the critically acclaimed book of that name, as well as a gathering of sexy guests who were either born in China, had sex in China, would like to have sex in China, or are there right now, calling in to the show live from Beijing!

Other than experiencing a little more static than usual (probably censors interfering with our broadcast, courtesy of the Great Firewall of China), it’s a fine night in Bonoboville. In addition to examining sex in China, we also explore “love in LA,” featuring two hot couples in love and lust, one of which regales us with impressive, hard, humping, explosive interracial sex in the after-party. With all that stimulation, there’s nothing for your overheated hostess to do but have my own blissful Taoist sex with my marvelous Maoist hubby. Nee hao! And how…

Featuring: Jello Shots LA aka Bonoboville Jello Shots , Lucky Starr , Richard Burger , Shay Golden
Categories: Asian, interracial, Orgasm, Performance Erotica, Pole Dancing, Pornstars