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Sex, POT & the P-Spot: 4/20 Celebration, Prostate Exploration & the Cult of Venus Cannabis
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Added 06/01/2013
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As medical marijuana use becomes more decriminalized and “normalized” in America, it’s no wonder that cannabis culture has developed its own holiday, one on which almost everybody takes a toke, even many who usually abstain. This leads to many getting lucky in one form or another, pot being one of the few genuine aphrodisiacs. Though marijuana is NOT a gateway to harder drugs for most of us, it certainly is a gateway to sex. Usually very sensuous sex. The only stronger aphrodisiac would be alcohol, which sometimes enhances aggression as well as libido, and that can be a “bummer,” to say the least. As long as you’re not the type that pot makes paranoid, THC in the right dosage tends to make you pleasantly horny, helps you to really groove in the moment, the worst that can happen being that you space out or nod off while your partner’s still grooving.

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