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Spanksgiving in Bonoboville
103 :58  mins
Added 12/09/2015
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by Dr. Susan Block On Thanksgiving, let us give thanks for all we love. And on Spanksgiving, let us give spanks to all consenting adults who need spankings. And let us practice the Bonobo Way so we may find a way to stop killing one another. Let us learn from our bonobo sisters and brothers how we too might live in peace through pleasure… with a little spanking. And let us spank our hands together across a nice warm, willing, well-shaped ass, and let us say Amen. And AWOMEN. Yes indeed, Brothers and Sisters, Lovers and Sinners, celebrating Spanksgiving on the Saturday night after Thanksgiving is an official Bonoboville tradition, almost (but not quite!) a religious ritual, and this bonoboësque, booty-ful show definitely spanks your twitchy cerebrum as well as your holiday bun-loving libido.

Featuring: Biz Bonobo , Dayton Rains , Jux Leather

Bonobo Spring Equinox Bacchanalia
101 :17  mins
Added 04/11/2015
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by Dr. Susan Block It’s Spring Equinox, and the Womb Room is blooming with daffodils and the scent of sexual excitement, as the leaders of LA’s pleasure-seeking party circuit, artists, authors, porn stars, doctors, comics, fire performers, gorgeous “naughty girls” and hot frisky guys come together to party like bonobos in Bonoboville, sharing salty skin, spirits, hot wax, bike rides, laughter and goodness, gracious, great balls of fire, ringing in Spring with a blaze of collective joy, heralding The Bonobo Spring Revolution. First up on the bed, our guest of honor is author, sex coach, model and international jet-setting party girl Sienna Sinclaire. We haven’t seen sultry Sienna since our 21st Wedding Anniversary when she presented us with her first book Naughty Girl’s Guide to LA, which we’re delighted to be listed in. Now she has another deliciously “naughty,” fun-filled erotic tourist handbook, Naughty Girl’s Guide to Las Vegas. Sienna’s friends, fans and sister(!) make up more than half of the Womb Room audience, and the crowd (many from her Meetup group) roars with appreciation as she bends over and pulls up her dress to reveal her pantyless and perfectly smooth lady-parts, so that her date, Keith C, can take Bonoboville Communion from her anus. This show puts the “anal” in Bacchanalia.

Featuring: Catherine Imperio , Dark Phoenix , Jux Leather , Karen Summer , Layla Blue Phoenix , Lola Ya Bonobo , Samantha Fairley , Sienna Sinclaire , Unlicensed Professionals