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25th Wedding Anniversary Silver Bacchanal
108 :37  mins
Added 04/15/2017
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by Dr. Susan Block The 25th wedding anniversary is a big one, awarding the couple a silver “loving cup” in honor of fulfilling their marriage vows for a distinguished number of spins around the sun. Celebrating the 25th feels like gaining admittance into an elite club of veteran couples of all kinds, from reactionaries to revolutionaries, from Mike and Karen Pence (together since 1985) to Keith Richards and Patti Hansen (since 1983) to us (since 1992!); this imaginary couples club is made up of people who really don’t have anything in common at all, except being married more than 25 years.

Featuring: Barry Fisher , Captain Max , Gypsy , Ikkor the Wolf , Jack Cannon , Jack Hammer , Jacqueline DuMonde , John Barrymore , Kristen Kraves , Loni Legend , Madame Margherite , Michael Wisnieux , Missy Galore , Mistress Erikka , Mistress Porcelain Midnight , Rhiannon Aarons , Ron Jeremy , Sheree Rose , Wry Mantione