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The most loved and hated on Lifestyle Dominant in America that loves everyone right back! Personal Site:  KinkStar.com
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Masturbation Month 2016 Kick-Off
97 :20  mins
Added 05/09/2016
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by Dr. Susan Block Merry Masturbation Month, Brothers and Sinners, Wankers, Yankers, Sperm-Bankers and Monkey-Spankers… In this bubbly celebration of self-pleasure, broadcasting live from Bonoboville, we kick off the M Month with a bang, a buzz, an orgasm, a squirt and a rush of pink-and-blue May-Day-infused communal ecstasy. It’s the pre-game show, bonobo-style. We also lick up some luscious Bonoboville Communion, take in a little M Month history, share funny masturbation stories and present my 8 Great Benefits of Masturbation… because self-pleasure doesn’t *just* feel good; it is good for you.

Featuring: Alana Cruise (aka Savannah Fyre) , Dayton Rains , Del Rey , Roberto Bonobo aka Drunk Jesus

Lupercalia in Bonoboville 2016
95 :37  mins
Added 03/02/2016
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by Dr. Susan Block It’s a whip-cracking, she-wolf-howling, floggerific Lupercalia to whip all other Lupercalias’ horny, heart-shaped butts into shape. Date-wise, we’re actually a tad late for the Lupercal. That’s because Capt’n Max and I were up at UC Berkeley for Valentine’s Day (the sanitized, Catholicized, Hallmark remake of Lupercalia), sharing our Gospel of the Love Apes on the high holiday of love at the heart (or maybe the spleen) of the love revolution in beautiful liberal Bezerkeley. My talk went great (blog, video and pix coming soon!), and we had a deliciously romantic and orgasmic Valentine weekend, plus there was even a Lupercalia party; it seems like everyone and their pagan grandma is going Lupey for Lupercalia these Februaries. Though this Berkeley Lupercalia was basically just a cake and cocktails, featuring some lovely Lupercalian Berkeleyans, but no flogging or even a light spanking. No offense to the horny and Lupey of Berkeley, but we just had to come back to Bonoboville to whip it good.

Featuring: Amber Carter , Bettie Bondage , Dayton Rains , Del Rey , Jux Leather , Jux Lii , Ono Bonobo , Raven Rae , Tammie Parrott